Dealing with Domestic Violence: an Interview with Billi Lacombe

I’ve been so privileged over the past seven months to have had the joy of meeting and interviewing directors and advocates of organizations that are truly making a difference in the world. For the month of June, I wanted to focus on something that may hit closer to home for a lot of women. I … Continue reading Dealing with Domestic Violence: an Interview with Billi Lacombe

Empowering Mothers

Food for the Hungry has been one of my favorite organizations for years. I’ve had the joy of sponsoring several kiddos through them, and while I lived in Uganda I even had the opportunity to meet one of my sponsored kids! During this visit, I got to see what Food for the Hungry (FH) does … Continue reading Empowering Mothers

Who Made Your T-Shirt?

Have you ever considered where the items you shop for originate? Furthermore, have you ever considered that your shopping habits might impact the lives of women globally? So often, the products we purchase on a daily basis do not come from environments that uphold sustainable-trade practices. Bonded labor, less-than-ideal working conditions, unjust pay, and a … Continue reading Who Made Your T-Shirt?

Knowledge is Power

Happy Women’s Month! The month of March is a celebration of women- our history, our progress, our hopes for the future. We have made remarkable strides, and we’ve hit some incredible obstacles. We have lost sight a few times, embracing the less important because it was the simplest. We have also conquered incredible victories, giving … Continue reading Knowledge is Power