About a month ago, my husband and I officially announced our good news: we are expecting a baby!

We are absolutely over the moon, and my whole world has shifted to make room for research, preparations, and overall giddiness… so I allowed myself a brief sabbatical from writing (although not from wearing dresses, and to tell the truth, I can’t begin to imagine trying to force my baby bump into a pair of jeans right now).

Despite the sabbatical, I am possibly more committed to this campaign now than I ever was. Although we don’t yet know the gender of our babe (we’ll find out in just a few more weeks), the responsibility of raising a person to seek justice, to treat people honorably, and to make a difference with his or her life weighs heavily on my heart. My daughter needs to understand her dignity, her voice, her platform to speak and act on behalf of other women. My son needs to understand the weight of responsibility he will bear in creating a platform for women, treating them as equals, and fighting injustice when he sees it. And my role as an advocate has increased dramatically, knowing that I no longer just speak for women worldwide, and I no longer just speak for myself, but I speak for the sake of a generation coming after me.


What an incredible thought. What an incredible responsibility.

Next week we’ll return to our monthly themes, continuing to highlight the amazing organizations I’ve come to know and support. In the meantime, I want to hear from you. How has the concept of generational responsibility shaped the purpose behind what you do and how you do it?

Chat next week,

xoxo, Robin

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