My Brave Momma

Happy Mother’s Day! (A couple of days early…)

This month on the blog we will be discussing the issues mommas around the world face. I’m really excited for what we have in store, so be sure you keep an eye out! This is an exciting month!

Before we launch into discussion of some of the more difficult issues that motherhood entails throughout the world, I wanted to share a post especially dear to my heart.

Mothers are brave women. I don’t have children of my own, but I’ve heard it time and again that to be a mother is to watch your own heart walk around outside your body. Raising children requires courage just for that reason alone; but then to instill in one’s child the integrity, faith and love that every mother hopes her child will have demands a special kind of courage to model those characteristics.

My mother is an exceptional woman. Not only has she modeled her faith and values for my brother and me throughout our childhood, but I’ve seen her countless times acknowledge areas in her life where she would like to grow, and then she pursued that growth. She pursued interests, habits, hobbies, disciplines and challenges with grace and grit that few people have.

Last year my mom felt compelled to face one of her biggest fears head-on. Although public speaking has always made her uncomfortable, she knew that it was a hurdle she could overcome, and she decided to go for it. She extended the invitation to myself and a small group of friends who all shared the desire to better our public speaking. Every month for several months, the group would meet in an auditorium with a microphone and a small audience to practice short speeches they had written. They gave each other feedback, and my mom shared resources and brought in additional help from experienced speakers a few times to help everyone get better. As I reflect back on the group now, I realize that most of the women who were in that group have had at least one opportunity to speak in public since then, using the skills they developed together.

That’s who my mom is. She not only pursues the challenge so she can grow, but she brings you along to grow with her. My mom was the one who encouraged me to pursue advocacy, even giving me ideas on how to format this campaign and engage with my readers.

My mom models bravery for me, and I hope I can be even half as brave as she is.

We have amazing things coming next week, so hang tight! In the meantime, what are some of the qualities you admire about your mom?

Chat next week,

xoxo, Robin

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