Who Made Your T-Shirt?

Have you ever considered where the items you shop for originate?

Furthermore, have you ever considered that your shopping habits might impact the lives of women globally?

So often, the products we purchase on a daily basis do not come from environments that uphold sustainable-trade practices. Bonded labor, less-than-ideal working conditions, unjust pay, and a lack of access to trade markets are all factors in this. Lately I’ve heard one too many people actually joke about children working in sweatshops when this is a reality.


The fact is you place your dollars where you place your values. If you believe in a cause, you fund it. If you support a particular project, you contribute. If you want to see justice for women who work hard to provide for their families, often as single mothers because of war or disease or abandonment, then you invest your money in creating a market for their work.


Handouts are never solutions. I’ll talk more about that in the coming months, but it’s something I believe strongly. People have tremendous dignity, and with that comes creativity and work ethic.

This month I want to point you to two organizations who have recognized the potential of women that the rest of the world had forgotten. These women were torn apart by war, emotionally, geographically, and physically. They were single mothers struggling to provide, but they also had skill sets unique to their culture. Krochet Kids and 31 Bits each cultivated those skills while offering marketplace-readiness classes, literacy and finances classes, and childcare during that time of training.


We’re going to buy clothes. We’re going to wear jewelry. Why not make a statement and invest in a woman’s dignity while we’re at it?

Stay tuned- later this month on the Facebook page I’ll be giving away a beautiful
new statement piece from 31 Bits!

We’ll talk more about sustainable trade throughout the month. In the meantime, consider your purchases. What does your money say about what you believe?

Chat next week,

xoxo, Robin

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