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A Year of Dresses is an online campaign fighting injustice against women.

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One of the biggest hurdles in the fight against injustice is knowing who to fight alongside. When so many organizations are known for financial misconduct, false advertising, and unsustainable projects, who can you partner with? Click the link for a list of organizations that have been vetted through extensive research and, where possible, personal experience.

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So many incredible authors, speakers, and friends have been influential in this journey. If you want to learn more, the book list will be updated every month. May we continue learning forever!




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The blog features real-life stories, statistics, and strategies for cross-cultural missions. Each month we ask questions, we dig into the root of issues, and we share interviews with people of a variety of missional vantage points. Our hope is that you will find some of your questions answered- and that more questions will be created as a result- but mostly, that you would be encouraged that you are not alone.




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